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Runbit (aka Drunken Beat) began studying music at the beginning of 2013 and was founding a podcast Beat Coast, for which was recording his DJ-mixes. Several months later, Runbit began to collaborate with other musicians and was releasing them to the guests mix on Beat Coast.
At the end of 2014, Runbit launches music label Beat Coast Music, which combines interesting electronic musicians from around the world. Currently regularly records their sets on his podcast channel, in which easily are mixing techno, breakbeat and bass music together.

Beat Coast Beat Coast

Beat Coast

Beat Coast - a musical project, whose history began in 2013 with the recording of music podcasts. A year later, Beat Coast expanded its borders and became a musical label and promotional group, its main objective is bringing together original musical projects.

Квест Портной

Escape room Tailor

The car stalled right in the middle of the forest. After going for help, you found an abandoned house and found yourself in the lair of a maniac who is fond of sewing clothes from human skin, and from the faces of the victims makes himself a mask. Each minute can be your last...
Take part in the quests-performance "Tailor" in St. Petersburg - and you will get an opportunity to test yourself for strength. This is one of the best quests in Petersburg on the quality of puzzles, the implementation of scenery and acting. Can you get through it and break free?